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Summertime and how to reclaim your inner teen

The heat of a real summer does funny things to your memory. I find myself instinctively wanting to wear pastels, frosted eyeshadow, roll the sleeves up above my elbow and go to the cinema for the nth time, to see … Continue reading

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Making a splash with the Modfather

This article first appeared in The Big Issue: journalism worth paying for. Subscriptions here if you can’t buy from street vendors. Did I ever tell you about the time I found myself in the pool with Paul Weller? This is … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Eastern Will: How the Olympics came clean about winning

A version of this article originally appeared in The Big Issue Magazine By the time you read this a couple of weeks will have passed since the end of the London 2012 Games. The Paralympics are about to start. Politicians … Continue reading

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Anglos, Diphthongs & Perfect Snogging: Saving the German A-level

This piece was written for The Guardian in August 2012, after A-level results showed the number of UK students taking German had declined to below 5,000 for the first time. There were also significant drops in French and other modern … Continue reading

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Raise your kids the David Bowie way

As a child David Bowie frightened me. I mean, really frightened me. The lyrics to Space Oddity, overheard on the radio,  left me in existential torment for the lingering death of Major Tom. Then there were those creepy emaciated illustrations on his 70s album … Continue reading

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Half Blood Blues: Jazz, race and Nazis.

When I worked in Berlin in 1998 the trendy record store in the city’s gay-friendly Schoneberg district had a category called “schwarz”(black) music. It took up a lot of the shop and seemed a bizarrely useless generalisation, given the huge … Continue reading

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