Featured Videos

In conversation with Greta Thunberg

October 30th 2022, Royal Festival Hall, London

Nazanin Zarghari Ratcliffe on the plight of women in Iran and Iran’s prisons

October 22nd 2022 Cardiff, Wales

Margaret Atwood on climate change

Under Her Eye: Margaret Atwood and Writing Climate Change. from Invisible Dust on Vimeo. Interview with author about science fiction and environmental politics (June 2018)

Corrective Rape in South Africa

My report on “corrective” rape in South Africa from March 2009. It won the Stonewall Broadcast of the Year Award. 

Islam Unveiled (part 1)

My acclaimed 2003/4 Channel 4 documentary series (filmed in the UK, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey) on Muslim women and feminism.

Islam Unveiled (part 2)

Douglas Trumbull

Interview with Douglas Trumbull, director of Silent Running about Hollywood special effects, environmental disasters and solving the BP Gulf of Mexico crisis.

Jacqui Smith

My interview with the former Home Secretary on claiming for porn films in those parliamentary expenses. She lost her seat at the next General Election.

EU Human Rights Ruling over DNA database

A 2009 EU court ruling challenged police powers to keep DNA samples indefinitely after an arrest.  It was backed by politicians, such as David Davies MP and LibDem leader Nick Clegg. I deliberately sought the view of rape survivor and victims’ campaigner, Jill Saward, who explained the crucial missing human rights perspective: that of victims of unsolved, violent crimes.  She went on to stand against David Davies in a by-election he triggered, in protest over his stance. She was a modest, principled campaigner all her life and I admired her greatly. She died on January 5th 2017.