I can’t believe he did that: David Guetta on Serge Gainsbourg

David Guetta on Front Row

David Guetta on Front Row

Super producer and DJ David Guetta came onto Front Row for last night’s show. Having grown up in the 70 and 80s in France he listened to American soul, funk and British synth and electronica, quoting Ultravox lyrics through our interview. The exception was Serge Gainsbourg and his boundary-busting ways. Guetta specifically remembered, as a teenager, watching with fascination Serge Gainsbourg declare to a very young Whitney Houston on French TV “I want to fuck you”, much to the horror and embarrassment of the French male host as well as Ms Houston. I can’t embed the link, but you can watch it below. As Guetta says in the programme, “I was never a huge French music fan, except for Serge Gainsbourg, that I really really love, still today. And what he was doing would be so impossible today. And it’s kind of crazy to see how we only think that with time we’re more open-minded.”

It’s a weird and genunely unsettling watch. Like Dominique Strauss-Kahn crossed with that drunken Oliver Reed “Wild Thing” moment. And exactly the kind of TV encounter that we can feel was wrong, yet be fascinated by because it was allowed to happen at all.

Thanks to @arthurascii for hunting it out:  That Serge and Whitney moment 

BBC Front Row interview with David Guetta (Nov 24th 2014)



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