Kingston University Class Notes: Spin, Politics and PR

L-R Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown

L-R Margaret Beckett, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown

These are links to some of the stories I discussed in today’s classes. You’ll also find the VT on the Action Aid/South Africa Corrective Rape story on the Featured Videos page:

Political reporting (James Morrison’s MA Class)

This one I didn’t use. But it’s an interesting example of when a “stunt” can be a legitimate news story. John Redwood “singing” the Welsh national anthem while Welsh Secretary. He didn’t know the words. Should he have? And crucially it was the way he chose to deal with that (trying to fake it) which made it a legitimate story. But it is at that edge of being primarily about ridicule.

Tony Blair and spin. Account of that 1995 moment over the OJ Simpson trial and Blair’s speech (The Atlantic June 1996 article)

ED MILIBAND JUN 2011 The one answer interview:

And the reporter’s account of it.

NICK ROBINSON JAN 2014 Daily Politics show iPad ring tone.

Gordon Brown – Smiley “Youtube if you want to” moment 2010 on MPs expenses

Gillian Duffy exchange during election campaign

Twitter and how politicians challenge journalists on it: Jan 20-22nd 2014 Women MPs and journalists on The Guardian’s Michael White and the Lord Rennard story

Journalism and PR

Action Aid March 2009 Corrective Rape Channel 4 News

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