Making news in the “fake news” age

These are links to further reading from today’s Kingston University journalism/media lecture.

Newswatch – on the Theresa May speech/cough – to see the connection between audience, traditional BBC news and the impact of “viral” social media on traditional news.

The Sandy Hook Hoaxers – model analysis by BBC Trending of the conspiracy and its impact. BBC Trending is a programme you should be listening to regularly

Fake News and the future of Journalism – (Nieman Lab) looks ahead

How do you report on something that isn’t true? (LSE blogs) – great practical user guide for journalists

Breitbart: The web that connects Trump and Farage – Great piece on Breitbart by BBC Trending presenter Mike Wendling

Post Truth politics – (Nieman Reports) gives lots of concrete examples like those we discussed eg MMR vaccine panic

The Jeremy Corbyn traingate story unpicked by DoubleDown News (video)




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