Milly Dowler murder trial — the suspect’s ex-partner gives evidence

Former Nightclub bouncer Levi Bellfield is on trial at the Old Bailey in London for the murder of 13 year old Amanda Dowler and the attempted kidnap of 11 year old Rachel Cowles in March 2002.  This is my report for Channel 4 News today when his ex-partner, Emma Mills gave evidence about the days before and after Milly’s disappearance. In 2008 Levi Bellfield was convicted of the murders of Marsha McDonnell, 19, in 2003 and 22-year-old Amelie Delagrange in 2004 with the use of a blunt weapon. He denies all the charges in this trial and the case continues.

Further reading: Background on evidence in the trial to date at the bottom of my article on the Channel 4 News website.

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