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Making news in the “fake news” age

These are links to further reading from today’s Kingston University journalism/media lecture. Newswatch – on the Theresa May speech/cough – to see the connection between audience, traditional BBC news and the impact of “viral” social media on traditional news. The … Continue reading

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How should broadcast news journalists interview and talk about extremists?

Over the weekend I spoke to veteran ex BBC journalist Robin Lustig, Berlin correspondent Damien McGuinness for an insight into Germany’s media and Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s 2012 senior strategist for 2 articles I wrote for The Guardian and The … Continue reading

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A brief history of the News At Ten: one of the biggest mistakes in the British TV News business

The Culture Secretary’sĀ  speech to the Royal Television Society conference in Cambridge last night included an observation about whether the BBC should be presenting its flagship evening bulletin at 10 pm – the same time as its main commercial rival … Continue reading

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The truth about true crime: A crime reporter’s qualms about Serial

I’ve reported on violent crime for 25 years including the OJ Simpson case. I consider it a privilege to cover trials. Strip away the glamour of celebrity and a very large proportion, such as the OJ Simpson case, are about … Continue reading

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Outrage is cheap: Challenging politicians about Rotherham, race & misogyny

  I suppose it’s good to still get agitated about stories I cover. But the amount of political capital that politicans have tried to make out of the Rotherham child sexual grooming scandal left me all the more appalled when … Continue reading

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A mystery for Sherlock: Why won’t big media organisations pay for online photos?

This photo is copyright Samira Ahmed (@SamiraAhmedUK) I posted some photos on Twitter on Sunday taken on a phone at a family party of a Sherlock Holmes cake, which generated a lot of interest. I’m not a professional photographer, but … Continue reading

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The art of newswriting – KU Writing School Class notes

  These are links to some of the stories and ideas we discussed in Thursday’s class. RADIO: BBC R4 NEWS BRIEFING (play 2nd item from 1:18 to 1: 59) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03sbkqq TV: ARIEL SHARON FUNERAL JAN 2014 (JEREMY BOWEN) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-25709378 TABLOID … Continue reading

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What If…? HG Wells, Arnold Bennett and your alternative future

It is early January in a new century and a group of Ā technicolored-Victorian gentlemen are awaiting the return of their friend from the future. Iā€™ve always loved the 1960 film of HG Wellsā€™ The Time Machine. Drawing inspiration from the … Continue reading

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Missing news: A tale of an NHS rally, zombies and security guards

Should theĀ BBC have given more attention and coverage to a massĀ protest rally over NHS changesĀ outside Tory party Conference in Manchester on Sept 29th last weekend that attracted over 50,000 marchers? The rally, organised by unions, was mentioned. But like other … Continue reading

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Why Be A Journalist?

I spent a curious, but lively morning at News International today. The organisation hosted a one day conference for many state school students on behalf of the Young Journalistsā€™ Academy, encouraging them to consider entering the trade. I was asked … Continue reading

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