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Page 3 and pushy feminists

The weird argument being wheeled out over how feminist campaigners somehow made The Sun keep Page 3 just to spite them reminded me of this Radio 4 programme I made about Procrastination and what Martin Luther King had to say … Continue reading

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LBJ and JFK: Assassination & the struggle for power

“The King – the President – is dead. The King has a brother. The brother hates the Vice-President. You have a really Shakespearean struggle for power here.”¬† Robert Caro, Lyndon B Johnson’s biographer talking to me about the assassination. It … Continue reading

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Hero or love rat? Jane Austen and procrastination

I made a Something Understood about Procrastination, focused on heroes. From the world of statecraft we have JFK’s use of delay to avert World War III in the Cuban Missile¬† Crisis, and in contrast Dr Martin Luther King challenging the … Continue reading

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