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Playing Chess with Gaddafi: What boardgames teach us about winning.

This bizarre image of the Libyan colonel playing chess, while continuing to defy NATO airstrikes and international condemnation made headlines round the world.  And according to a new book, fuelling the Miliband brothers’ Labour leadership feud,  Ed Miliband was a serious teenage  … Continue reading

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Code-name Geronimo: Parallels between the Apache hero and Osama Bin Laden

Played out via helmet cam, Hollywood-style still photos released of the Commander-In-Chief, in the Situation Room supervising the kill. For an operation that was reportedly a year in the planning, an elementary understanding of the history of the American West … Continue reading

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Prevention in Pakistan: Cameron’s new strategy?

This is my post for Channel 4 News about David Cameron’s announcement of £650 million in education aid.  Amid all the fuss about Libya, has the Coalition Government’s smartest foreign policy decision been made quietly  and efficiently? The Prime Minister’s visit … Continue reading

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From Ealing to Four Lions: How to fund a great British film.

BAFTA Nominations were out today. When I remarked on Twitter yesterday that the Golden Globe winning, now much BAFTA nominated, Oscar hopeful The King’s Speech had been funded via the scrapped UK Film Council I was flagging up the difficulty … Continue reading

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