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Afghanistan: NATO’s 10 year feminist experiment

This is some of the further detail from my feature for today’s Guardian that was not in the final edit. It makes reference to two major  reports on women and Afghanistan put out this week by Action Aid and  Oxfam. … Continue reading

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The Second World War and 9/11

Something happened to Time and our concept of War over the past decade. The Second World War, which still fascinates children today, saw global power shift one way and then the other; a clear victory over Axis (of Evil) power. … Continue reading

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The Libyan exile’s tale.

How must the events unfolding in Libya look to exiles? Today I met Jalal Shammam, a Libyan exile who was protesting outside the Libyan embassy in London in 1984 when someone inside opened fire. In an interview for the PM … Continue reading

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The space shuttle: the shape of things that never came.

Or How The Space Shuttle Promised Me The Universe, But Left Me On The Gantry Of Broke Dreams. It seems appropriate that the final Space Shuttle mission launch got pushed off the front pages and main broadcast news coverage by … Continue reading

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From Roots to Amina: A history of the well-meant liberal hoax

The liberal hoax for a “good cause” has a long tradition. Most bizarre in Tom MacMaster’s defence of his long and increasingly reported fake identity as Amina Arraf, an imprisoned lesbian Syrian blogger, was his claim that he was challenging … Continue reading

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Playing Chess with Gaddafi: What boardgames teach us about winning.

This bizarre image of the Libyan colonel playing chess, while continuing to defy NATO airstrikes and international condemnation made headlines round the world.  And according to a new book, fuelling the Miliband brothers’ Labour leadership feud,  Ed Miliband was a serious teenage  … Continue reading

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Code-name Geronimo: Parallels between the Apache hero and Osama Bin Laden

Played out via helmet cam, Hollywood-style still photos released of the Commander-In-Chief, in the Situation Room supervising the kill. For an operation that was reportedly a year in the planning, an elementary understanding of the history of the American West … Continue reading

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8 Days in Seoul with Images. India’s Dream City?

I was nagged by one question throughout my recent holiday to Seoul. Why does South Korea remind me so much of India? But of an India without slums, heavy pollution, child poverty and endemic corruption? This is a personal write … Continue reading

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From Casablanca to Calais: refugees on film

On 10 June last year I chaired a panel discussion at BFI Southbank with directors Stephen Frears, Mat Whitecross and Kenny Glenaan and cultural commentator Professor Terence Wright. We were looking back on the portrayal of refugees in film as … Continue reading

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