The art of interviewing: Class notes (Feb 11th)

These are the examples/clips I used in today’s class:

The Q&A that goes with the flow: Tom Baker interview (Metro)

A great questionnaire format: Big Issue Letter To My Younger Self

Influential magazines/format: The “Who The Hell Does..” interview from Q magazine


Smash Hits magazine: Does your Mother play golf?

The longer profile/feature with use of setting/personal history: Floella Benjamin (The Independent) 

The profile based on interviewing everyone except your subject:

Peter Higgs (Radio 4 Profile programme)

The interview that goes “wrong” and makes even better copy:

Niall Ferguson:  (Daily Telegraph) The point of me isn’t that I’m good looking. It’s that I’m clever.”

The group interview/added news element: Oh! What A Lovely War: Why the battle still rages  (Matthew Sweet: Daily Telegraph)

The heart of the story: Tommy Robinson on Sunday Morning Live (BBC1): Also embedded at the top



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