Where the line is: Some case studies in journalism ethics

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These are links to some of the stories and further reading featured in today’s 1pm Kingston University class.

Callous treatment of victims of crime

The Sun and Rochelle Holness – Distressing speculation about her suffering, supposedly based on police sources

Tabloid blogspot – More on the original Sun story by Mike Sullivan who testified at the Leveson inquiry.

News coverage of murderer and serial rapist John McGrady’s conviction (2006)

Sting operations and fishing operations

Telegraph transcript of undercover reporters’ meeting with Vince Cable

PCC ruling on Daily Telegraph story on Vince Cable

Vince Cable blasts undercover reporters for damaging relationship with constituents

Robert Peston blogpost  on why he leaked Murdoch comments (2010)

Keeping your sources confidential

The Sunday Times jails its source: Spectator post by Nick Cohen on The Sunday Times’ treatment of Vicky Pryce

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