While the flame is strong: Pop and politics (Kingston Uni class notes)

This a list of suggested reading and films to follow on from my lecture for  Dr Rupa Huq’s 2nd year sociology module on Monday March 2nd 2015 11am. The title of course comes from The Young Ones (1961). It’s open to the public to attend. Penhryn Rd campus, Room JG 2008. Directions here


Are the rich winning a cultural class war? (BBC News Online feature Feb 2015)

The enterprise allowance schemes old and new (Guardian 2011)

The  Truth about “The Jam Generation” 80s Remix (May 2011)

Tories say what rocks their world (2004 BBC News)

Lessons from the Ghost Town generation: What the 60s and 80s had in common (June 2011)

1951 Then and Now: Britain mended and Britain on the make (2011)

Billy Liar and the birth of the dollybird (2013)


The Young Ones (1961) Sidney J Furie

Privilege (1967) Peter Watkins

Breaking Glass (1980) Brian Gibson

How we made Breaking Glass (Guardian 2014)


The Last Party: Britpop, Blair & the Demise of British Pop by John Harris (2003)

Simon Price – music journalist

great interview (Wales Art Review)

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