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What If…? HG Wells, Arnold Bennett and your alternative future

It is early January in a new century and a group of  technicolored-Victorian gentlemen are awaiting the return of their friend from the future. I’ve always loved the 1960 film of HG Wells’ The Time Machine. Drawing inspiration from the … Continue reading

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Making a splash with the Modfather

This article first appeared in The Big Issue: journalism worth paying for. Subscriptions here if you can’t buy from street vendors. Did I ever tell you about the time I found myself in the pool with Paul Weller? This is … Continue reading

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Loving the Alien: Bowie and the ‘Burbs

              How did  I come to make a documentary for Radio 4 called I Dressed Ziggy Stardust? It was pitched and commissioned about 6 months ago, long before anyone thought Bowie might be releasing new … Continue reading

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Robocop policing: A warning about future riots

The  former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Brian Paddick gave me an interview for The World This Weekend on Radio 4 in which he issued a warning about a fundamental breakdown in the police’s social contract with the … Continue reading

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Shows and No-shows: The London Mayoral Candidates’ feminist debate

More than a thousand women and men attended Uk Feminista’s conference at Friends’ House in Central London yesterday. I was asked to chair a hustings style debate for the invited Mayoral Candidates. At a time when the government, and local … Continue reading

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