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@0tralala @tommygorilla @ben_aaronovitch & tha…

@0tralala @TommyGorilla @Ben_Aaronovitch & that incest with Arthur was just a misunderstanding… :)

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@0tralala @tommygorilla @ben_aaronovitch Morgana i…

@0tralala @TommyGorilla @Ben_Aaronovitch Morgana is trying to protect Pagan Britain from new fangled Talibanising Christianity….

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@0tralala @TommyGorilla @Ben_Aaronovitch I was hop…

@0tralala @TommyGorilla @Ben_Aaronovitch I was hoping for the feminist revisionist The Mists of Avalon. But fair ’nuff.

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